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Our Promise & Values

Your Trusted Business Partner

As we have grown as a firm, it has become more and more important to define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. These are the core values by which we live at HHM Certified Public Accountants.

Our Promise

HHM CPAs pledges to listen, understand, and exceed our clients’ expectations by providing the highest quality accounting, tax, and consulting services and – in doing so – become a trusted business advisor.

Our Promise and Values Go Hand In Hand

A promise is meaningless on its own, and values enhance nothing if they are just words on a website. HHM's promise of integrity-driven client service is easily upheld by incorporating our core values in every decision we make. You can review our core values by clicking here. These basic principles serve as the foundation for every client relationship we have in place. These core values offer employees a clear set of standards and expectations, enabling our firm to grow and offer the best service possible.

These guiding principles inform our relationships with clients and co-workers. By having a clear set of standards and expectations, our firm is able to grow and offer better service. At HHM, we value integrity, trust, innovation, community involvement, and yes, even fun.

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Absolute integrity

We hold ourselves to high standards and strive for excellence in all that we do. Our firm was founded on integrity and professionalism.

The Golden Rule

We treat our clients and employees with the utmost respect, adhering to the ‘Golden Rule.’

Work hard, play hard

Our work is taxing (pun intended), but we emphasize work-life balance and reward our employees for their hard work.

Quality of life

We are committed to employee development, creating opportunities for our people to achieve more. We want to see them excel in their roles and find their work fulfilling.

Community Involvement

We support our community and encourage employees to get involved.