HHM CPAs offers traditional and customized services to help move your business forward.

Non-Traditional Accounting Services:

  • Setting Goals and Objectives

  • Assisting Your Audit Committee

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Strategic Financial Planning

  • Training for Accountants

  • Operational Reviews

  • Grant Compliance

  • Expense Analysis and Control

Traditional Accounting Services:

  • Audits, Reviews and Compilations

  • Financial and Compliance Audits

  • Audits Under Uniform Guidance

  • Internal Financial Systems and Controls

  • Local, State and Federal Filing Requirements

  • Tax-Exempt State Issues

  • Employee Benefit Plans


HHM CPAs works with government agencies, school districts, charter schools, counties, and municipalities to strengthen compliance and improve future profitability. Our team is experienced in Government Auditing Standards, the Single Audit Act, and has received the "Certificate for Excellence in Financial Reporting."

Lean on us

HHM can help your team navigate the the unique audit and reporting requirements and compliance issues with continually changing government regulations.


Tight budgets leave state, local, and special-purpose governments searching for ways to reduce costs while still continuing to reach and serve the public. Our deep-rooted knowledge allows us to find innovative ways to reduce risk while improving current and future profitability.

Each member of our governmental service team receives continuing education training in governmental accounting, yellow book auditing, and Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) reporting standards to meet or exceed the requirements of Government Auditing Standards. We would love to help you achieve your financial goals.

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HHM CPAs offers traditional and customized services to help move your business forward.