The Paycheck Protection Program was created as part of the CARES Act to provide assistance to businesses during COVID-19 through forgivable loans. However, the program has complex forgiveness guidelines, rules, and calculations that recipients must navigate to get full loan forgiveness.

Our team has developed services to better assist you while navigating the forgiveness and calculation process so that you can get back to work focusing on your employees and business. ‍

We are supporting clients every step of the way to help them:

  • Save Time. So you can focus on your business, not SBA guidelines.
  • Forecast alternative scenarios. So you can make adjustments to your payroll, expenses, or other measures.
  • Collaborate. On the correct way to code, track, and calculate your PPP expenses.


  • Determine your PPP Spending
  • Estimate Loan Forgiveness
  • Verify Documentation
  • Recommendations & Strategy
  • Maximize Forgiveness

Contact Jon Paul Davis or Brittany Carman at 423.756.7771 for more information on our PPP loan forgiveness consulting services.