Estate Planning

HHM CPAs offers traditional and customized services to help move your business forward.

What does estate planning include?

  • Analysis of ownership of assets

  • Accumulation and conservation of wealth

  • Planning for family’s financial security

  • Funding of educational cost

  • Planning for retirement

  • Minimizing taxes wherever possible

  • Orderly wealth transfer to family

What things do I need to consider?

  • Identify ownership of your assets

  • Life insurance

  • How much should I own?

  • Who should be the owner?

  • Who should be the beneficiary?

  • Retirement plan benefits & beneficiaries

  • Selection of executor and trustees

  • If minor children, selection of guardians

  • Ability of beneficiaries to manage assets

  • Who do you want to receive your property?

We know, this can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ll help you gather the information you need to create your estate plan.

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We take the stress out of estate planning

Maximize your goals and minimize your tax risks with HHM.

Let us help you establish a will with directives that gives you confidence your estate will be handled exactly as you wish.

Start planning for tomorrow, today

A well-designed plan should be flexible, keeping your goals within reach as situations change. We’ll learn about your goals to develop a strong estate plan and help you update it as needed.

We do financial statement audits and reviews

Personal changes, substantial change in net worth, marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, or change in state of residency could make your present plan unworkable. Estate and income tax law changes may also render your present plan ineffective. We’ll help you navigate changes like these.

It’s never too early to get started

Planning for your survivors should begin as soon as you have acquired assets or when you become legally responsible for minor children. We can work with your present attorney or help you select an experienced attorney to draw up your will and other estate planning documents, such as durable powers of attorney, living wills, and any necessary trust documents.

With effective planning, you can lessen the tax burden on your estate and be confident that your beneficiaries will receive what the law allows.

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HHM CPAs offers traditional and customized services to help move your business forward.